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De[fi]ned Case Study


De[fi]ned Case Study: An existing RIA in Portland Oregon was becoming increasingly unhappy with their affiliation with a tru competitor. They were looking for more of an “individualized and in depth services” platform approach, which would allow them to work better with their own clients.

“Being a firm of 3 people, we wanted to leverage our time and energy on what matters most – serving our clients at the highest levels of excellence, while at the same time efficiently growing the business. We felt that outsourcing the tools needed to manage the day-to-day operations of the business was the best path if we wanted to focus more of our attention on our clients and growing the business”, said one of De[fi]ned Wealth Management’s owners.

Enter tru Independence.

tru was able to take those time-consuming, mundane yet challenging tasks off their plates. tru’s technology team helped with the integration and set-up of next systems including talking with vendors on the back-end to get the data flowing into the products.

Another owner/partner at De[fi]ned Wealth Management relayed this, “Our business at De[fi]ned Wealth Management is taking care of our clients. tru allows us to leverage our ability to focus on growing our business and serving our clients because they take so many of the business operational components off our plates including compliance, technology, and billing. We don’t have to re-invent the wheel.”

“We weren’t looking for an equity partner in our firm, but rather a virtual partner that would assist us in the day to day necessary operational activities.” This advisory firm especially appreciated pricing based on revenues, not assets which aligns more closely with their business model.


Transparency. Zero financial surprises. Easy to work with. Integrity. A collaborative business partner that doesn’t “own” you but provides you a great service at aligned pricing.

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