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Business Planning Quiz - Patron Partners

Take the following simple & quick quiz to determine how prepared you are for the future. Please rank the statements below on a scale of 1-5, 1 being strongly disagree and 5 being strongly agree.

I have a precise number for how much my firm is worth.(Required)
I have had my business appraised by an outside source.(Required)
I have a formal Buy/Sell operating agreement that is less than 3 years old.(Required)
My Buy/Sell agreement is funded.(Required)
I feel confident that my Buy/Sell agreement protects my business partners and heirs.(Required)
I have communicated with my heirs and business partners about where to find the Buy/Sell agreement.(Required)
I have a will and it is up to date.(Required)
I have a living will.(Required)
I have a plan to retain key employees if something happens to me.(Required)
My trust and estate plans were reviewed within the last 3 years.(Required)
My assets are protected from potential litigation.(Required)
I have identified, documented and communicated my trust partners to my heirs and business partners.(Required)
I have a formal succession plan created and on file at my firm.(Required)
My succession plan has a provision for disability.(Required)
I have identified and documented who I want to run the business.(Required)
My heirs know who should run the company.(Required)
I have contribution protection from my retirement account if I become disabled.(Required)
I have created and implemented a long term incentive plan for my employees.(Required)
My current HR agreements are designed to reduce turn over.(Required)
I feel confident that money and benefits are not reasons for my employees to leave.(Required)
My employees are properly incentivized to stay with my firm.(Required)
I am invested beyond my business.(Required)
My business assets account for 25% or less of my retirement plan.(Required)
I have more than four sources of income, outside of my business.(Required)
I have retirement assets whose returns I am confident about.(Required)
I’ve analyzed my retirement income to determine any shortfalls or blindspots.(Required)
I have spent more than one hour over the past year planning for my own retirement.(Required)
I know my own financial goals.(Required)
I proactively plan for changes in tax law.(Required)
I have my own financial advisor.(Required)
Some of my retirement income will be received tax free.(Required)
I have a formal exit plan for business.(Required)