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Following Your Vision Doesn’t Mean Doing It Alone.

How We Work

About tru independence: Whether you’re starting your journey toward independence, transitioning to the next phase of your business or just seeking greater ongoing operational efficiency, our open architecture platform provides the full suite of services you need to manage and grow your business effectively.


A single phone call connects you to in-house C-level experts

Decades of experience

Finance, operations, human capital, office leasing, compliance, PR, technology and more

Pursue Your Passion Without Fear.

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Our Tried and tru Process

Your experience working with tru is defined by simplicity, clarity, and transparency. It’s a process that respects your control and ownership of your business while freeing you from worries and tedious distractions.

It’s Simple

The breadth and depth of our expertise allows you to focus on client services while we focus on everything that has to happen behind the scenes, so your business runs smoothly.

A Single Point of Contact Connects You to an In-House Team of Executive-Level Experts

Technology Infrastructure

In-House C-Suite Personnel

Experts in Business Management

Fiduciary Responsibility

Training For Employees

Personalized Business Consulting

Operations Support

Compliance Solutions

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About tru independence: tru connects you to other advisors and partners on our platform, creating a genuine community of growth and inclusion. Hear from other firm owners about how they grew their businesses, the difficult choices they faced, and how they plan to achieve their future goals. Here, you can pursue any goal or rise to any challenge, confident that you have a tru family at your back.