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Becoming a Partner

How It Works

Running your own business can feel like an isolating experience. tru opens the doors to our unparalleled network of best-in-class service providers—from custodial choices and portfolio management to technology and research—and stays right by your side to help you navigate every business relationship. What’s more, we connect you to a community of other firm owners on our platform, where you can share, learn, and bond with people who know exactly where you’re coming from.

We go beyond simply offering services. We’re an integral part of your team. Whatever challenge you face, our experts are always just a phone call or email away.

Chief Compliance Officer

for regulatory questions

Chief Technology Officer

for IT solutions

Chief Financial Officer

for issues ranging from cash-flow to payroll

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Your practice and brand identity is yours – we just make it better and simpler to manage than you ever thought possible.