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Must Have Resources for Advisors in 2022

Another eventful year has come and gone and with it, people are looking ahead to new business, new opportunities, and new habits. While we can’t predict what this year will bring for you and your financial advisory firm, we can point you in the direction of some must have resources for advisors in 2022 that will help you on your path moving forward.

While the financial planning world isn’t as tumultuous as some industries, there’s always surprises and changes that need accounting for (no pun intended). Books and courses are a great way to see how the industry has changed in the last year and where it may be headed moving forward, giving you the opportunity to confidently convey strategies and insights to your clients. Here are some reading recommendations you should be looking at in 2022. 



Atomic Habits has been around for a while, and it’s by no means a “traditional” financial planning book, nor is it really one at all. In this book, author James Clear outlines the best ways to build habits that aren’t subject to the whims of emotions or environmental conditions. Habits are a great way to encourage clients to save more, build wealth, and ultimately accomplish their financial goals. Atomic Habits is a short read that will give you a great foundation to draw from when talking to your clients about fiscal habit building. 






Coming from one of the biggest names in finance, Luke Templeton from Deutsche Bank’s research division has put together his Top 10 themes for 2022. Covering a myriad of topics, Templeton gives an excerpt on how his themes will likely impact the financial markets in the coming year. While not in depth, it’s a great launching pad to do more research or to pique curiosity on certain topics. We’ve linked to the easily digestible PDF above. 





Claiming that he can “help financial advisors duplicate—and often exceed—my success” Matthew Jarvis’ book Delivering Massive Value is a great read for 2022. A book ripe with advice and strategies for your own firm, it outlines Jarvis’ own rise to success and “​​simple but powerful ways to consistently offer your clients more value (while taking more vacations).” Playfully written and easy to pick up, we were hooked on this book. We’re recommending it to colleagues so that they too can offer the best possible experience to their clients in 2022. 





One of NPRs longest running podcasts, Planet Money dives deep into everything about the economy and any tangential aspects of the market at large. Short, digestible, and easy to listen to, Planet Money is a gateway to different financial topics you may not be aware of. They simply explain complex subjects like Cryptocurrencies and NFTs, while maintaining a deep-level understanding of the fundamental market principals. This is one of our go-to podcasts and one you should add to your list if you haven’t already.





Whether you’ve already committed to improving your technology in the coming year or if you still have reservations about what new tech can do for you and your firm, the WealthTech on Deck podcast has interesting guests that have been through technical transformations or are leading the charge by creating new technology with advisors in mind. Get detailed thoughts from those in the business who are credible and well-versed in up and coming technologies.





We’re sure that this list of must have resources for advisors in 2022 will help you bring a few new ideas and interesting approaches to your clients in your financial advisory firm in 2022 and beyond. If you’re ready to get more than just ideas, we’re here to help you transform your firm. Let’s talk.