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Why Financial Advisor Communities Matter & How to Find the Right One for You

You Can Be Independent without Being Alone

Freedom is a beautiful thing. The yearning to make unfettered decisions drives us to branch out, try new things and explore the world. When you decide to create your own RIA, you want that same ability to chart your own course and make your own way. Most of the time, you get traction when you find your unique path intersecting with potential clients’ unique needs. You find a way to serve them exceptionally well, and you are rewarded for it by more and more business. But leading your clients through uncharted waters can sometimes leave you out there, ahead of them feeling isolated and alone.

You bring excellence to all that you do, but when you look around to see who is running beside you, there isn’t anyone nearby. You know that to keep getting better at what you do, requires you to rub shoulders with other similarly bright and motivated people, but finding them can be a challenge.

In the financial advice world, where the edges you’ve unearthed and honed can be razor thin, it’s not hard to understand why the idea of a professional community can make less secure advisors feel threatened, you know that an abundance mindset is the surest path to success. Finding a community with a supportive group of like-minded peers to keep you engaged, encouraged and educated is key.

How does a tru Community Impact You?

A wise person once said, show me someone’s group of friends today, and I can tell you where they’ll be in 5 years. As humans we’re social animals and social learners. There’s a reason people have gym partners, SEALs operate in teams, and companies have a board of directors. We do our best work when we’re informed by the strengths of a tight knit community.

tru Independence offers common ground for other independent advisors, like you, to gather together and learn from one another. Being an independent registered investment advisor doesn’t mean that you have to be alone. Consider this an invitation into a community.

The tru Independence community is made up of RIAs who have clear goals, desire to serve their clients with excellence and to leave a valuable legacy. Together our advisors can uncover synergies that might not otherwise exist. There are strategies and approaches that are born out of conversations over meals, coffees and round tables together that, when incorporated into unique models, can take a firm to the next level of optimization.

tru Independence Facilitates

Great architects facilitate community – whether through neighborhoods designed for interaction or sports venues designed to rally the fans for support – each element of the design was thoughtfully designed to create community. The architect, while planning a space and considering its functionality, orchestrated how people would interact with one another. Their goal was to delight future users who would unconsciously be able to use that space precisely as intended.
Think of tru Independence like an architect for the community of independent registered investment advisors. tru Independence has carefully considered the needs and desires for advisors like you and invites you to come and experience what a well designed environment for building a community looks like.

When you feel like you have an edge, the temptation can be to try and protect it. Don’t succumb to a scarcity mindset. Whether you’re trying to start a new business, ramp up growth, explore next steps, or simply free yourself to spend more time with your clients, tru can help simplify virtually every business process.

As our world becomes increasingly more competitive, surviving all by yourself can ring hollow. Move from surviving to thriving in your business inside of the tru Independence community.

To learn more about how the tru community can help your firm, set up a complimentary call.