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Cybersecurity in the Work-from-Home Era

What has changed for cybersecurity as a result of the work from home era? tru COO Gary Bonner explains why advisors needs to be hyper-aware of security measures now more than ever and some strategies to implement in 2021 in’s end of year outlook.

Cybersecurity has always been an essential aspect of the wealth management industry, especially as we develop and implement new technology and tools into our everyday practices. Before COVID-19, we dealt with cybercriminals, email phishing, and hackers. It was important to have cybersecurity in the office to protect the firm’s employee’s, and client’s information. Since the pandemic has forced most of us to work from home, we now face even more threats than we did before.

With the COVID pandemic leading to a massive shift to working remotely, companies must ensure that their employees – and data – are safe from cyber-attacks. The pandemic has shown us that we can get most of our work done from the comfort of our own homes, and working from home will likely continue even when the pandemic ends. Since this huge shift is here to stay, firms must put certain protocols in place to keep their employees – and – clients – safe, as home-office devices often lack the security that companies install on their own devices, leaving remote office users vulnerable.

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