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Leveraging Marketing for your RIA Firm

As we adapt to life with viral variants, markets, businesses and plans are stabilizing even in the midst of the unknown. While initial variants shake up the markets, we don’t have to focus on headlines quite like we did before. If you are ready to take the next step growing your wealth management firm, it’s time to put effort back into your marketing. Creating and implementing a full-scale marketing plan allows you to target and engage clients that are the right fit.

There are dozens of best practices that could be a part of your full marketing plan. Here are the top 4 areas to focus on in 2022: 

  1. Brand Awareness
  2. Lead Generation 
  3. Events 
  4. Client Engagement

Brand Awareness

Developing brand awareness is the first step in your marketing that helps build the foundation you need to acquire new leads. In order to work with you, your clients need to first know that you have answers to their most important questions, who you are, and why they should choose you over other financial planning options. So how do you share your message with an audience who is interested? We recommend utilizing social media marketing paired with a local SEO strategy.

Social Media

We recommend advisors incorporate the following initiatives into their social media strategy:

  • Facebook: From your business page, incorporate at least one personal post on Facebook each week about your team members. Facebook tends to be slightly less corporate, so it’s a great place to show what your team is up to – from events you’re hosting for clients all the way to a team member’s birthday celebration. Boost prime posts on Facebook (awards, community involvement, media mentions, big announcements, etc.). 
  • LinkedIn Groups: Leverage LinkedIn to join groups that share your interests.Use tools via LinkedIn to promote events and specifically target contacts based on their title or interest.
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator: Especially helpful if you’ve clearly defined a niche, try out LinkedIn Sales Navigator to maximize networking and lead generation opportunities.
  • Twitter: Twitter tends to be much more industry specific, so it is a great place to create community among your peers or centers of influence. Look for ways to contribute to the conversation others are starting. You’ll find your own Twitter voice through how you interact with others and get a feel for how you can benefit as you help others.

Local SEO

Begin by building in select keywords into your content that you want to rank for – think about the questions your current clients already frequently ask you and you’ll find lots of opportunity. There are many other things you can do to improve your local SEO like auditing your Google My Business listing and keeping it updated with information and images.

Use these outlets to build your brand up and cast a wider net for landing new clients. When your RIA firm becomes top of mind with your audience, people become more comfortable and confident in choosing your firm over another.

Lead Generation

There are many ways to engage prospective clients. As an RIA firm, there are a few methods that prove to generate more qualified leads than others. Lead generation involves utilizing a variety of channels to increase your presence, your following, and ultimately your business opportunities – sounds too good to be true. So where should you start?


Digital Advertising is one of the fastest ways to get your business in front of potential customers. From Google Adwords to Facebook Ads, digital advertising can help you reach people that are interested in purchasing your services.

  • Target Qualified Audiences
  • Implement Professional Ads
  • Increase Quality Leads

It can be daunting to start digital advertising on your own but it is possible. If you’re interested in working with a professional marketing team the tru team might be a great fit for your RIA. Reach out to tru to get started.

If you’re planning on tackling your digital advertising yourself, start with a full audit to understand your target audience. Do a deep dive into your favorite clients and what key characteristics they have in common. Think about demographics, interests, behaviors, job titles, key search phrases, etc.

Next, pick a platform. We recommend starting with Google or Facebook/Instagram.

  • Facebook/Instagram: Targeting is interest-based so use specific information about your ideal client to create a narrow audience. 
  • Google: Targeting is based on keywords and search phrases so be sure to audit your search standings and come up with a list of keywords.

Finally, create your ad! Make sure you:

  • Have creative photo/video content
  • Have a hyper-specific audience targeted
  • Write captions that are motivating to your audience & relevant to where they are in the buyer’s journey

Utilizing advertising is one of many beneficial strategies to ensure a consistent flow of new leads into your marketing funnel. tru has developed a guide to help you develop qualified leads that you actually want.


As the impacts of the pandemic linger, many businesses have found themselves forgetting the value of hosting events. Even smaller gatherings are effective in connecting with current and prospective customers in an effort to build stronger relationships.

Advisors should plan an even mix of client appreciation events and prospecting events. In-person connections tend to increase conversions. As leads enter the funnel, the best opportunity to convert into clients is to meet face-to-face through workshops, networking opportunities or celebratory events.

It can be scary to get started, so simply keep the number small, add face masks for indoor events or meet outside to lower the risk. As states adjust regulations, be sure to stay inside what is permissible and stay flexible. Personal conversations to understand your clients risk tolerance around in-person events are advised.

Here’s an idea for each month this year:

  • January – Hot Cocoa & Craft Day for parents or grandparents – provides a helpful “Kids & Money” resource for all who attend.
  • February – Widow / Single Women Bring a Friend Brunch near Valentine’s Day – bring in a value-add speaker to talk about an issue important to these women.
  • March – Pre-Spring Break College Funding Planning Day.
  • April – Easter Egg Hunt.
  • May – May Day Gift Creation & Delivery.
  • June – Kick off to Summer BBQ .
  • July – Poolside Party – Get Retirement Ready for a future full of days spent the way you want.
  • August – School Supply Drive – Charitable giving conversation.
  • September – Football Tailgate.
  • October – Haunted Office Party.
  • November – Pie Pick Up Event.
  • December – Cookie or Ornament Creation.

Client Engagement

Needless to say, engaging with both current and potential clients is the most beneficial way to develop client loyalty while also collecting valuable insights about your audience. The goal is to humanize your firm and ensure that your clients associate quality experiences with you and your team. Your clients are seeking high-quality connections paired with high-quality professional results. We recommend nurturing these relationships through networking opportunities and workshops.

Networking Opportunities

Networking is a great way to meet new people, helps increase referral opportunities, and boosts local brand awareness. Here are some ideas on networking opportunities you should explore in your community:

  • Join like minded causes – Booster Clubs, Coaching Organizations, etc.
  • Boat, Yacht and Country Clubs are excellent places to meet those with similar interests.
  • Participate in faith-based activities.
  • Get involved with your favorite local non-profit organization.


Workshops are a great way to engage your current clients and provide an opportunity for them to introduce referrals to your firm. Additionally, workshops and seminars are one of the most successful ways advisors can get in front of prospects and position themselves as subject matter experts. When it comes to workshops, you have a few options to execute these events:

  • Plan your own. Topics like How to Thrive in Retirement, Social Security Optimization, Estate or College Planning tend to garner good turn out. You can invite both clients and prospects to attend.
  • Leverage a Workshop Partner. There are several companies that can help plan and execute a workshop. Pricing models and solutions for advisors are varied, so you may want to explore which options are best based on your needs. If you’d like a referral, please get in touch with our team!

Final Thoughts…

Marketing funnels apply to every prospect and client interaction of your independent RIA, regardless of the size. In order for the funnel to work, you must develop a strong marketing strategy that engages, informs, and retains new and existing customers.

When triaging client needs and the day to day demands of the back office force marketing off of your radar altogether, you might want to engage with a team that can provide more than just marketing assistance. Consider outsourced help to grow your firm in 2022.

Ready to see the full tru Independence Marketing Guide? Set up a complimentary call now.